Online Shopping Fraud by

I purchased one digital camera online from I received the camera on 27-01-15. When I opened the pack & tried to use the camera it was not working. I immediately informed Ebay and the seller from Egmore, Chennai. They told me to go to the service centre.The service centre was in Delhi. Therefore I sent the camera to Delhi. But the service centre in Delhi informed me that the camera was not covered under manufacturer warranty & it was a camera gifted to some sellers for promotion. I immediately informed Ebay that the product was not covered under manufacturer warranty but they did not respond & closed my complaint. I contacted the seller at Egmore, Chennai through mail. They promised to replace the camera. Therefore I sent the camera through courier to them but they did not open the pack sent by me & returned it to me. Now I am helpless what to do next. I think there is a nexus between the seller & Ebay to earn some cheap money by cheating their customers. I want to take legal action against them. Kindly help me in this regard.