Clothesline issue

I live in an apartment with a legally registered association. The association has taken up some issues regarding common area violation by some of the apartment members. While discussing these issues, it was brought to our notice that the clothesline that we have in our balcony (it protrudes out by 10 inches) is a common area violation and it has to be removed. I want to know if a clothesline can be combined with and called a common area violation? Many families in the apartment have their clothesline in the terrace, which is not being discussed as an issue. It has not been pointed out as aesthetically unappealing; there are apartments who hang their clothes on the grills giving a very ugly picture. But these have not been taken into consideration. My question is, can a clothesline out of the balcony be termed as a common area violation? (My clothesline is an iron rod that protrudes out of the balcony by 10 inches and 2 strings are tied to it. I live in 3rd floor and the apartments below us do not object to this.)