bought a sex toy from ali express

show cause notice issued in terms of sec 124 of the customs act, 1962 dated 24/10/2014 sub: import of sex toy through post-restricted/prohibited for import reg. from PAD ( Postal appraising debarment ) 1. they examined and found its sex toy 2. the above parcel is not bonafide gift for personal use and as such import violates the conditions of section 3(i) of foreign trade (exemption from application of rules in cerain cases ) order, 1993, covered under foreign act, 1992. 3.a) the item in this subject parcel is prohibited under export - import policy issued by ministry of commerce, govt, of india , new delhi , paara 2.6 of ftp read with HBP vol 1 of 2009-2014. b). the above stated goods there fore require a valid licensed issued by concerned jurisdictional director/director general trade ministry of commerce, govt of india and failure to product the same will render the parcel liable for confiscation. if you possess it, submitted within 15 days from the date of receipt of this notice . C)import of any restricted/prohibited goods are liable for penal action under section 111(d) of customs act, 1962. d)In case , if you are not willing to submit required valid license within specified period show cause in writing why:- a) the said goods having assessable value of rs. 2000/- should not be confiscated unders section 111(d) of customs act, 1962 b) the packages should not be confiscated under section 118 ibid. c) a penalty for improper importation of goods etc.., should not be impose on you under section 112 ibid. 4. you are also informed to indicate in within reply whether you want to be heard in person before the case is adjudicated. in the absence of any such reply /explanation it will be presumed that you do not desire a personal hearing. 5. please note that if you do not appear in person before the adjudicating officer no the date and time fixed, the case will be adjudicated on the basis of evidence of recorded without any further reference to you. 6. only the concerned addressee/importer need to submit written reply with evidence of proof of proper identity with postal address. signed ass. commissioner of customs (PAD)