Property Tax & Society Formation Matter

Hi Sir, Background: We had purchased a flat in 7 stories Building in Mumbai somewhere in 2010-11. There are 3 wings (A,B &C) of the building. Wing C is of the existing tenants. We had purchased the flat in Wing A which is fully ready. Wing B has been completed only upto 4th Floor and the balance are still pending to be constructed (pending approvals from relevant departments. Issue 1: Property Tax Recently A&B wing has received a notice from Property Tax department that Property Tax pertaining to A&B Wing is unpaid (seems some old entries even pertaining to 2007-08 till current year) are still pending. Issue is there are some residents who have paid the Maintenance to Builder (which was including Taxes) while there are others who have either not paid or have partially paid Maintenance. I fall from the one who has regularly paid the Maintenance from the month of purchase. What is the solution for the same? How do we deal with the situation? (Builder has said that in totality I am having pending money to be received from society so I wont be able to help as people have not paid me, Residents as well as Shopkeepers are not that active in the matter) Issue 2: Society Formation We the people of A Wing are willing to form our own Society. How shall we do the same and further is it legally possible to have seperate society for a particular wing (Wing A is having joint wall with B Wing and B Wing wall is attached with C Wing) What and how shall we go ahead to ensure that atleast we the residents of A Wing are free from legal hurdles as well as from Builder and live a better and happy life.