How to recover flat cancelled by builder

Property Dispute reference discussion on Spire South Penthouse Dear Sir/Madam, I have a Booking for a Penthouse at Spire South Sector 68 Gurgaon - On Sohna Road. Booked in 2010 , Allotted in 2012, After paying over 25% over Rs.19.63 Lacs and after taking allotment Spire Management apparently cancelled my flat, but there was no formal information to me ( besides the demand letters which states that if the payment is not made in time , flat will be cancelled).. They unilaterally transferred my money to my account and did not even inform me. few days after the money was transferred I found out. Since that very day in Feb 2013 I have been following up with Spire , sent several mails, SMS and have visited all their offices a total of over 20 times in order to get this resolved amicably. But it seems that they are not interested Have been in touch with Mr Bhat initially and then with Mr Giridhar, who apparently and they have agreed to re- allot my flat but at a hugely inflated rate of Rs.5500/- per sq ft. This project is notorious for its delay and lack of demand. They have constructed to only upto 6-8th floors ( structure only and will not be able to hand over before another 2 years), even resale rate is in the lower 3000.I as a customer has been pleading with them that I will pay all my outstanding immediately but they just kept on delaying to provide any response. They even did not offer any buy back to me and I just got my capital back after nearly 2.5 years.Why should I ignore the premium that I am supposed to get even if it is Rs. 100 Per sq ft.? hence I am fighting to get the property back. Wish to know how I can get this flat recovered.? Regards, Jose