My wife in last four years filed many cases against me such as 1. Domestic Violence, 2. Section 125 ,3. 498-A, and 4. Section 376 (rape case). Out of these, Domestic violence, section 125 and section 376 have been dismissed in my favor in Saket Court, New Delhi. Three cases were dismissed on account of that she was found in adultery relationship (proved in videos). She also filed a case of Marriage nullity which I accepted and received the decree from Family court, so our marriage is now null and void. The major problem is that even after such dismissal of such cases in my favor, the opposite party takes every case in the high court and harasses me. Not only this but also they are filing the new cases against me. I am not able to carry out my job and it becomes a compulsion for me to attend all those cases in the court. The opposite party is stressing on one point that is-during the 2nd Marriage why I did not disclose about the first marriage? But this is not true as in my first marriage the opposite party itself attended my first marriage and the distance between the houses of both the parties is only 4 minutes (300 meters). Both the parties know each other for last 10 years. I also have audio and video recordings that support this fact that I had disclosed everything about my first marriage. I also had shown the opposite party, whatever papers of divorce of first marriage I have had. There are witnesses who know that I had shown the papers of first marriage before the 2nd marriage. These are the facts about my cases and I am being harassed by being faced with new cases every six month filed by opposite party. Sir I have paid a huge amount of money to advocates now it is not possible for me to pay constantly. Sir please guide me what the best option is for me. What should I do?