Father died without making a settlement or will

My grandfather had one son(my father) and two daughters. They all got married and they are no more. But their children are alive and all got married. I am the eldest son and I have two younger brothers and two younger sisters. My father died last year by Nov 2013 . My younger sister filed a partition suit( please note that she married to an advocate who is also the husband of another sister, without her consent), asking 1/6 of share(three brothers , two sisters and mother). But my mother died last month. My mother had written a will which is registerd , stating her share should be given to one of his sons(50%) and balance 50% to one grandson of her daughter) Thera are no partition done by my grandfather and father . Our is HUF. My fathers sisters are also no more . But there are 6 sons to them . Thay are very much alive. My query is To what extent ,the partion will be made by court of law. Who will bear the liablities of my father, with regard to our agricultural lands and commercial buildings Will the sons(6 of them) of my fathers sister also claim ther share in the undivided property In short , my query is whether it is 1/6 of the property or 1/12 th of the total property to be partitioned by court of law. Also pl inform me , whether the property written in my name ,when I was a minor , will also be included in the total property, for partition Udayakumar K