Security Deposit

Dear Lawyer, I paid 100000 (1lac) security deposit to my builder to carry out renovation work in my unit as the building maintenance and facility management was still with Builder. This was in Dec'14. Refund was to be given within 10 days of completion of work. Limitations imposed by Builder i.e., no structural change to be done was fully complied with. The builder didn't give any written limitations, it was communicated orally while taking deposit. After completion of the work since Jan 26th, I have been following up for refund. Now Builder says that facility management has been handed over to Society and unless society gives clearance refund cannot be made. Society is not taking this up. If the facility management has been handed over to society the deposit should also be handed over to society isn't it? I would like to know what legal recoruse I have? I have full trailing correspondences on this matter with Builder. I would like to send them a letter gal notice pls to get my refund and claim interest for delay and also agony.