Appointment Matter

Sir, I am OPSC qualified and sl no is 1307 out of 1500 candidates for the post jr Assistants in odisha Secretariat,of OPSC Merit list -1988. Some of my juniors like sl no-1326,1336 1346,1379,1434,1466 have got appointment by virtue direction of Orissa administrative tribunal by the year 1996. In another judgment in OA-1973/95, hon'ble tribunal directed the state govrnment to terminate the services of juniors and give appointment to seniors ,being aggrived ,the juniors took shelter of court against termination notices,which started from 1998 to 2014, for which I could not apply in tribunal on the ground some of my juniors appointed.I applied for a direction in the State administrative tribunal in 2012 .Tribunal without considering the circumstances and factual back ground of the case regarding the said merit list,dismissed my application on delay by 19 can i obtain any court direction in my favour for appointment as the State government appointing some seniors following principle settled in Oa-1973/95.