Receiving unsolicited promotional messages from Jabong

Hi I don't know if I chose the correct category but I do need help. I am quite frustrated now and don't know who to approach for help. I received promotional sms from Jabong. I reported those to my mobile service provider and communicated to Jabong as well on feb 6th. I was assured that my number would be taken off and asked for a time period of 48 hours. I agreed, however after two weeks I again received sms, which I again reported. Mobile service provider reverted saying they could not find anything promotional. I called them and then the supervisor agreed it was promotional. Meanwhile I also contacted Jabong again. But then once more I received sms. It frustrated me to no limits. I called Jabong and used abusive language. I am constantly in touch with their chief manager but nothing has been done. Though I don't get any more messages but the kind of harrowing experience I had, I was hoping for some penal action against them and a monetary consideration too. I have the messages and call recordings with me. Please help, what should I do.