Reg:-Marriage Problem

Dear, we have lived 3 months only.he has one problem in marital life.he has to undergone some operations but he refused family members asked to do..that also he refused.we dont have any physical relationship the mean time he has asked my salary and we have some misunderstanding also.atlast i have given my salary too my jeweels..after that he start to torchring me like u r black like that.we are getting frequent quarell.we have got sepatred one contact also.i have given complint(CR) againt him to give my jeweels he came for enquiry and he said he doesnt want to live with me ..and me also dont want.he said at that time of mutual consent i wl i have cancel my complint against him.after that he has not given the jewells.again i filed complint against he took bail.i dont know the bail content and whats the next procedue i have to get my jewells.and if he took my bail.i cannot file any complint against him?i dont want arrest him and all.i need my jewells..and mutual consent...kindly advice ..