Ancestral property

We are living in the property that's power of attorney is still in my Grandfather name. My grandfather & grandmother died without making a will. My father also died. Now my mother & my uncle partitioned the property but power of attorney is still in the name of my grandfather. we also don't have death certificate of my grandfather or grandmother. Now the questions are: Can we make separate power of attorney one in the name of My mother & another in the name of my uncle without having a death certificate of my grandfather? is there any procedure to get death certificate of my grandfather without having any proof for the same? ( he died in the year of 1996) My grandfather has two son My grandmother has 2 Son ( My father who has daughters and a son. my grandfather died without making any will but my grandmother is still alive. All this time my uncle took care of the property and now its come for partition but there is a problem, my aunt ( elder daughter of my grandmother) is trying to make it a joint property without anyone's permission. 1: Does she have the rights to do that without my grandmothers permission ? 2: All the property is still in my grandfathers name , so do we have to make it in my grandmothers name before partition ? 3: Can we do the partition without my grandfathers death certificate ( because its with my uncle and he is not ready to share it ) so what do we do ? 4: Two daughters were married well before 1989 , do they have right on the property ? I know its lot of questions but i would appreciate if you can answer all the question