my wife threatening and giving mental torture

Hello Sir, My name is Ayush Khanna from Agra, I got married on June 2013 and its a love marriage. Before marriage it was all okay but I don't know what is going in my married life. We know each other for around 2.5 years before marriage. I am very much tensed and being tortured mentally to me and my mother and brother. My wife says that she will commit suicide or file a case of dowry and domestic violence. She blames me that I am earning less salary comparative to her. Pls help me what should I do. 1) I am working as a computer teacher in a cbse school and my salary is 11000 p.m. 2) my mother is widow and she is suffering from diabetes and having heart blockage my elder brother is married and working in a private company and his salary is 12000 p.m. 3) we are living in our own house. 4) my wife is earning 15000 p.m working in a private insurance company. 5) our financial condition is not so good as I am entitled to personal loan I have to pay emi's also. I would request you to suggest me what to do as there no one apart from my elder brother and mother who is supporting me.