Concealing the skin disorder vitiligo by my son in law

Sir, My daughter is married couple of months ago. Now it is revealed that her husband has vitiligo which is a skin condition wherein the skin color turns white. The parents and relatives never mentioned about the skin condition and the guy use to wear full sleeve shirt and trousers all times. Hence this couldn’t be found out by us also prior to marriage. He even never told about it to my daughter and use to cover himself up at all times. One day while sleeping my daughter noticed the patches all over the body and asked him about it. To this he told he had it since a long time and if she wants she can leave. The main issues here are 1. He and his relatives never informed us about the skin disorder. 2. There is no complete treatment for this skin disorder. 3. No one ever informed any one of us about this condition even after marriage 4. The parents expect that my daughter to nurse him and treat improve this condition. 5. Additionally he seems to be mentally unstable though not to a complete extent. My daughter has made it clear to me that she will not live with him and want a divorce. Pls advice 1. Can she file for divorce within two months of marriage? 2. If yes then can contest this case stating that she has been cheated by the guy and his family by not informing about this untreatable skin disorder? 3. Can she claim alimony or not?