Harrasment by inlaws and husband

I got married in 2013 feb. My mother in law and sister in law (married but mostly stay here as she has eye on this property) along with their fatherr have a complete hold on my husband . He is in private job I am trying to conceive since starting as my husband needs medical treatment but my inlaws are more in dowry demand . They dont let my husband follow treatment properly . They harrass me in daily things. Even though I got conceived in 2014 april may , as soon my inlaws got to know they didnt let it proceed . Now my mother In law and theid daughter openly says we will not let u conceive . Now they want me to leave house . They harras me by disconecting light, water. Initially and even during my initial pregnancy they didnt let me have food etc. Both of my i laws ars govt retired . Now what should I do. I want relations to be healed but they are not letting it happen even though three month ago neighbours had called police. But because I was not in to let them arrest as to save relation. Now kindly guide me if I apply for divorce will I get share in their grandparents property. Or when husband applies for divorce then I will get anything . Because they are harrassing me to apply for divorce. And tomorrow if I go out of house fod some work if they dont open the door what should I do. We add on first floor and on ground chacha chachi witb their unmarried daughter and because of their Initial enemity now they also disturb me. As their is jointt door at ground floor. Please advice .