False 498a complaint by wife in India when husbhand is abroad

Hi, I have received a message via sms from Delhi police that a complaint has been registered by my wife regarding Harrasment, Misappropriation, Maladjustment, Extra maritial relation, Desertion, Medical unfitness, Drunkenesss, Dowry Demand. I got married in Feb 2011 without exchange of Dowry. After marriage me and my wife stayed at London for 6 months and then back to India in Oct 2012. After an year In Oct 2013 my wife filed false complaint on me and my parents (who never stayed with us) mentioning harassment, threat to life etc. Police did investigation on the same and had to close the matter after counseling with us since it was a false complaint. Later my wife has been absconding till date. I had reported this in police about her absconding and request them to communicate my wife to join me back. Above this i had also filed a petition in family court Bangalore under conjugal rights to come and join me for which she has never appeared in court. After she has left me she has been taking care of herself with job in corporate office. i had done some investigation about my wife on why she left me and found that she had been in touch with her Ex boyfriend even after marrying me. I got to know from her phone calls records she use to talk to Ex boyfriend over nights in phone on an average of 3 hours daily before she left me. Its been 1.6 years we are separated and had been in no communication and recently my wife approached me via phone call for settlement for which i have asked her to send papers and i will be signing for divorce. It looks like there is something else in her in other than divorce and without notice to me she has now filed again a false complaint in Delhi police I have recently come back to London on my job for long term project and now came to know that she has filed a complaint which is completely false. Since she filed this complaint being away from me for 1.6 years what should be the action from my side. After filing a complaint in Delhi police she has also emailed to my office managers to cancel my visa. This is pure harassment to me and i am some how able to mange in office. My wife has also written email to Bangalore police (cc me email) to support her since her last complaint had no updates. Earlier complaint she filed in Bangalore before she left me and now in Delhi. It looks like i need to appear in Delhi police station in next 10 days and i am now aboard. It would not be possible to go to Delhi police station in such short notice and not sure what is her plan. Please suggest me what i am suppose to do here. Please note in her complaint she has included my parents and brother too. Thanks and Regards