False cases under IPC 498a/323/504/506.

BackGround- 1. Married on jan 2013 according to Hindu law in state of Utter Pradesh, we separated from july 2013. she staying with her parents. 2.We got to know about her pre marriage affair which was continue after marriage. I filed a application in district court mediation center in April,2014. 3.In mediation They are asked a very huge amount and on not paying this threatened for many false dowry cases , I refused to pay and inform local police body(SSP) about it. 4.she filed false dowry case under IPC 498a/323/504/506 in NOV,2014. 10 days before the last meeting of mediation center(mediation was running). In FIR she claimed very huge dowry and other marriage expenses. 5. After 10 days of filing case (In last meeting of mediation) she attended mediation and request for canceling mediation, it canceled and next day filed another false case under 323/504/506(claimed I beat her and her mother in court premises). 6. Now in March 2015, 498A application come in mediation center again. Seeking Suggestion- 1.How to prepare myself to fight against their unwanted demands and save my family (because in FIR my all family members my parents sister and brother in law) from this trouble. Should I file any counter cases. I am working on different city so it will be difficult for me to attend dates frequently. 2. what approach should take in mediation center. 3. For 323/504/506 case what approach should take. I should go for FR or wait to submit chargsheet. IO is also accepted that this is a false complaint