Mother harassed by in-laws

I have been slapped with false 498a and DV cases by my wife and in-laws. They've got exparte order in these cases by bribing the magistrate. They did this by intimidating me with rowdy elements and not letting me attend court. Once my FIL attacked me within the court hall but when I complained to the magistrate she's saying please don't get me into this, complain to the police. I've lodged complaint with police but no action taken so far. In another incident my FIL sent a rowdy to attack me in the court campus which I took photo of the rowdy and made formal complaint in PS. The rowdy was caught by police and he accepted that he was sent by my FIL but no FIR was registered due to FIL influence. Now recently my ailing mother was asked to appear in court and while coming out FIL and wife again created problems and threatening my mother. Is there any way to protect my mother? Is the DV protection only for DIL? How can I protect the modesty of my mother? Can she file any case against my FIL?