Wife filled a false 498 case and maintenance case

I got married in 2009 to a girl one year elder to me.She stayed with me for only 5 months and staying away from me for the past 5 years.I had made a lot of effort to convince her to join me in order to save our marriage ,but she refused to accompany me.She is now working as a school teacher in a nearby private school and I am a regular coarse student in delhi university. I had a filled section 9 to bring her back from delhi but she in return filled 498 case and maintanance case against me and my family . She also registered an F.I.R against me in police station in rajsthan. Her family is demanding 10 lakhs for divorce. I have the audio recording of the same,in which her father is demanding money.Her father had only spend nearly 2 lakhs at the time of marriage.The marriage took place at a small village in rajasthan .I lam a permanent resident of delhi ,but me ancesstor belong to rajasthan . I had only accepted small items of the dahej items because of pressure from the society and left almost 80 % of the dahej items since I was against dowry but I was forced to accept some dowry bcoz of society pressure and pressure from me wife's nana (who is retired tehsildar) . My wife's father is school teacher and her nana is Retired Tehsildar .She is threatning me and my family bcoz of her nana position. My wife's sister had also filled a 498 and ghareloo hinsa case against her husband and in laws. My wife in her complaint written that "dahej ke samman jaise ki palang, almari , fridj ,washing machine etc bade sammane hone ki waje se hum dilli lekar nhi gaye, aur iske badle mein ladki ke pita ne hume Rs 50,000/- deye. Aur hume uske family se dahej mein 5 lakh rupee aur car mang rahe hai " . Jabki hume koi paise nhi diye aur na hi humne kabhi paise ki koi demand ki . shadi ki video cassete ko kya hum proof k kaam karegi. Shaadi ki CD mein yeh bhi sabit hota hai . My father had disowned me and my wife because of bad behaviour by publishing in newspaper. Please help me . I want to know can I also get an F.I.R against my wife and her family members(who are govt servant's) for giving dowry. Meri biwi jab mere filaaf F.I.R kar sakti hai ,toh kya main bhi F.I.R Kar sakta hoon. "agar dahej lena aparadh hai toh dahej dena bhi toh aparadh hai" . I have video recording proof which shows that she was kept in my house with love and affection.Can I use them as a proof in court for fighting my case. My wife is B.A passed and also done B.Ed. and earning as a private school teacher. can she get maintenance from an unemployed husband .