section 419, 420, 467, 468, 120 b/54

Dear Sir, District court has ordered to register an fir against former branch manager, present branch manager, head cashier ( he is completely handicapped below chest due to polio), clerk and me ( working as probationary officer in deposit department) in a case involving 7 cases of kcc fraud. Bank was undergoing departmental enquiry to ascertain the roles played by each employee meanwhile a lady in whose name one kisan credit card has been made fraudulently by some other people, went to court and court ordered to registsr an fir against 5 bank employee under section 419, 420, 467, 468, 120 b/54. Police without undergoing proper enquiry into the matter police has registered an FIR against 5 of us and is trying to arrest us. Now to be very frankly unintentionly, we have committed below mentioned mistake. 1. I as a probationary officer opened these accounts, 5 under pmjdy and 2 under normal saving account after verifying their id but which were found to be fake and lateron issued no dues certificate to these kcc applicant as per instruction from branch manager scale-2 looking after credit . after sanction of loan I have filled and signed form-5 for hypothecation of land. I have not done inspection or recommendation in these loan accounts. 2. Branch Manager has sanctioned loan to these 7 kcc applicant without inspection and approx rs. 30 Lac has been withdrwan by these fraudster. (involvement of middlemen with bm can not be denied) 3. Clerk, cashier followed the due procedure and made payment only without knowing about these fraudster. 4. Current branch manager has issued recovery letter to the kcc a/c holder in whose name money has been withdrawan by some other people. As of now we have applied for bail in lower court. Lawers are not good enough to understand delegation, roles, responsibilities of each employee and bank terminology in this matter. So we would kindly request you to let us know what are the legal remedies available to us