Special Marriage Act Query

I am in a relationship with a girl since last two years and we two were living together. We belong to two different religious communities and have decided to tie the knot. I am a resident of West Bengal and She is a permanent resident of Uttar Pradesh. We were earlier living in Delhi and I have moved to Kolkata where she wants to join me. We have planned to conduct a special marriage act and have a serious doubt regarding its technicality that is causing problem. We are now living apart, and her family does not supports marriage with me due to my religious identity. In West Bengal Special Marriage officers send a notice to the address mentioned in the address proof of the applicants, and I think this is against the whole purpose of the marriage act. I do not want any such notice to reach her parents to cause any complications. Is there a way we can marry in a third state, say Delhi, for which she has a rent agreement as an address proof? Or can the address of the groom and the bride be one? Say, in case I rent her my apartment on paper and make a rent agreement ? Because if only voters id and Adhar card are to be taken then they can raise serious concerns for us, and especially at a politically volatile place like Western Uttar Pradesh. Please suggest, I am open to suggestions from learned Lawyer friends.