Ancestral property

respected sir, We are a joint family and have a joint immovable property in a prime location in Bangalore, one property is a wedding hall and another one is a cinema hall both are joint family property . On the year 1971 there was a partition deed made among the whole family members and my father got one share in the wedding hall and one share in the cinema hall , and in the will it is mentioned that the eldest son takes care of the property and also the Khatha is in his name . That person is not taking care of the business well he's not interested in earning more income and the remaining brothers are also in his support. He is also not showing the accounts properly. We doubt that all the others are enjoying more money from the family business and we are just getting a small bite from it . If we orally demand him to show the account he says it is his property jus take what I give . My question is may I go to the court of law to file a suit against him? If yes what are the ways that I can ?