it is a win but not win- remedies availabl to decree holder

My husband has filed petition for divorce stating that he neither demanded nor received any dowry. We have given dowry but we don't have all the proofs but only few for few amounts which is given through cheques! So I have attached the original bank statement n in his cross exam also he agreed he received the amount of cheques. So it is proved he has taken dowry n not returned.. But the mistake is in my counter I only prayed for dismissal of petition. So the judge also in the judgement stated that the responded (Me) only prayed for dismissal of suit and she didn't claim for the amount. Finally the petition filed by my husband is dismissed and I (respondent) won the case but it is not a win to me as the cash n everything is with him. My mistake is. I only prayed for dismissal of the petition n didn't claim anything in return or return my dowry etc So my question is what can I do now I'm continuation to that judgement because again a new case so much of time. So what to do? As it is already proved can I ask the same court to order to return my amount which is proved? I thought my husband would go for appeal but he is not taking any further step it is already three months we received judgement. As my money and articles are with him I have a problem and he is silent because he doesn't want to return. What to do?