Wife is not cooprative

Dear Sir/Madam I m Niranjan 35 years old working as supervisor in private firm, I got married in Jan-2008 I have 6 years old cute son I love him too, my wife is diploma engineer, she is working for multinational company, I m earning 14000/month & she is around 30000/month. After imbalance in between my wife & my parents, I shifted from Pune to Naivimumbai. She has lots of attitude, I cant judge she, if my parents comes in mumbai she neglect them, leaves the home without notifying me & she never pickup after all. I got afraid because of her behavior. She ruled out my demands & never support me I love my son too & she too but she never think about that. After quarrel in between us I left the home, but she don't mind, she wants money, my child & nothing else. I came back after two days with unhealthy condition but she never took any interest in me. I don't know what she want from me. I don't want to leave my mother & Father I love too them, she is physically challenged by hand & it doesn't matter for me, I expect love from she, but she did not cooperate & never understand my fillings, some time I think about divorce but I love my wife & son too, my son takes her side, I got afraid nothing is in my hand, I m crying now, her relatives never take part in this matter. Her father is against of me. What I do??????????