I seek an legal advice on divorce, I am 43 yrs married since last 17 years. We have 2 children, a daughter 6 yrs and son 13 yrs. I am facing issues with my wife, wr are staying in the same house and sleep in diffrent rooms since last 4 years, we have no physical relationships since then. I have strong doubts and few evidence it is the case of infidelity. It is an absolute torture for me, I tried to speak to her in many ways, but things are going the correct way. we both are working since last 18-20 years and are financially independent. We bought our house which is in joint name. Since she is in a bank, we have availed the loan from her bank, property remains in her first name and mine in second. The intial payment for the house approx 70/80% was done selling our earlier house. The capital investment was entirely mine. The eMi is deducted from her salary, apart from that she is not paying anything in the house, the entire expenses of house, fees and other expenses are done through my salary.She also has bought another flat outskirts of Mumbai, on her name, my name was included in that. I seek advice on how do I go ahead with divorce process, custody of children and will I get the property (%)