False complaint causing tension

A notice served through constable dated 24.02.2015 issued by Shri Virender ASI to appear personally regarding chasing of some vehicle in the morning of 24th Feb,2015 near Majnu Ka Tilla by the car owned by you. The above notice was delivered at 5.00pm at my residence. 2. Immediately, I visted the chowki at 6.00pm and met ASI who informed that a complaint has been received from a lady namely Ms Aditi, mentioning that my vehicle no DL 8C V 1946 was chasing the complainant vehicle for about 3 to 4 Km in the morning of 24th Feb, 2015 and requested to provide the details of the morning incident. 3. Infact, in the morning of 24th Feb,2015,the driver of my car no (DL 8C V 1946) was taking my wife to attend her office duty at Noida which is a daily routine at this time for the last 2 years . However, no such incident had ever happened in last two years as falsely alleged by the complainant. My wife, is working in PSU Noida, UP. She is sitting at the back seat. The complainant Ms Aditi overtook our car from wrong side i.e left side just 250mts before Majnu ka Tilla & stopped in front of our car leaving no option for us to but to stop our vehicle to prevent any damage to any of the vehicles. Ms. Aditi came out and started using abusive language to my driver. My wife immediately intervened and asked for the reason. She stated that your driver was not giving pass. My wife very politely brought to her attention that you may yourself see the heavy traffic and it was not possible to give the pass in the given circumstances. Ms. Aditi shouted at my wife and said that so, what if I am trying to take over from left? With folded hands, my wife requested Ms. Aditi to be calm and then Ms. Aditi started her vehicle and proceeded to go. As there was no other issue and the matter was resolved. My wife asked the driver to precede the office as they were getting late. Driver parked the vehicle in the office and my wife spent the entire day in the office usually discharging her office work. 4. Suddenly a notice was served at 5.00pm to appear at Police Chowki as stated above. In the meantime, Mr Nagpal father of complainant also visited chowki. Without knowing the complete facts, Mr Nagpal started misbehaving with the undersigned. He did not even spare ASI & started shouting at police officers including Mr Satvir singh, Chowki Incharge for not taking action. Though the Chowki Incharge was very calmly listening to him but Mr Nagpal crossed his limits and trying to explain the sections of the law, procedures on how to deal with such matters. This is a case of undue harassment and inappropriate exhibition of the influence by Mr Nagpal with the ulterior motive to harass law abiding citizens. This is totally a false allegation and after thought cooked story by Mr Nagpal and may hence be denied. 5. In view of the facts given above, it is my earnest & humble request to take appropriate action as deemed fit against Mr Nagpal for his misbehave and use of unparliamentarily language in Police Chowki and harassing my wife. Such matters may be stopped urgently otherwise general public may lose faith on Law.