Employement and Labour Bond

My name is deepak choudhary, I am from India(Mumbai City). In order to get a Job in a good company I had to sign employement Bond of 2 years with one company who was providing Technical Job to an MNC on third party payroll basis. So signed the employement bond of 2 years. It was stated that MNC company(HP) for whom we will work, will provide training for 3 months and then they will send us to client location. SO now my current situation is so bad that I can't feel like i belong to literate society. They gave us training and salary given to me is only 11 thousand per month, and after 3 months of training they sent me from My hometown location Mumbai to exptreme corner of indian map to Gurgaon city. They did not reimburse even travelling expenses, did not give accomodation, or rent allowance, everything has to be managed by us. Out of 11 thousand rupees salary we have to manage for our food expenses, house rent, travelling expenses, othe day today expenses. and one more worst thing is the client where they sent me has minimal technical work which concerns me more because as fresher i need to gain as knowledge as possible at current so that it will be better future for me ahead. And during training they had promised that they will give us best exposure as soon as traning gets over. So my question is, IS it legal to make an employee sign a employement bond in exchange of security deposit of 1 lakh 50 thousand and stating if I break the bond nefore 2 years I will have to pay that security amount to the company. Can I legally break the bond without paying a single penny to them. Please share your insight and valuable sugessetion.