Is this non-compete clause valid in my case?

I recently started a company after quitting my previous company for around 5 years. As I had knowledge in only a specific sector, a niche service, I am providing similar services as what I was doing at my previous employment. Along with other people, I am also contacting my previous clients. Though so far, I have not received any work, I recently met my ex-CEO who reminded me about a non-compete clause that I had signed that is apparently valid for 1 year post the termination of my employment. These are the wordings of the clause: ========================================================================== The employee warrants and covenants that he/she will at no time compete with us directly or indirectly, nor work as sub-contractor or for another consulting company; at our client side (end-client in case of sub-contracting) to whom he has been presented as a candidate or performed services, for a period of one year commencing upon his/her last day of work at that client; without our express written consent. =========================================================================== Will this be valid per Indian laws? It says Indian laws will govern this agreement. I was working in India. Our clients were from USA (whom I am also trying to contact under my own company). My ex-CEO wants me to send out damage-control emails to everyone who I have contacting telling them that I have breached contracts and will not be continuing. Is this necessary even if the non-compete clause is valid? What else can I do as corrective measures? Will closing the company do? Or just withdrawing my mails until the 1 year cooling period comes to an end, be enough?