Transfer of service bond from One central govt to Central govt

Sir, Presently I am working in Defence Research and Development Organisation, Ministry of Defence, Govt of India as a Technical Officer since 11th June, 2007. I was sponsored by DRDO for M.Tech training course and before going for M.Tech, I have executed a service bond for the amount of Rs 7,94,562/- (An approximate value of 24 months leave salary and expected amount of fees) saying that I will serve Govt of India for the period of 48 moths after completion of my M.Tech course. I have applied through proper channel for a Scientist post in CSIR, Autonomous body, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt of Inida. I have selected for the said post. I have taken extension of 4 months for joining for the above said post from the authorities of CSIR. During forwarding my application there is no column / provision to indicate about my being bond status and my office is also not mentioned in their application forwarding letter about my being bond status. Now my parent organization, DRDO, has agreed for bond transfer, but CSIR is not accepting my joining along with transfer of bond obligation, saying that they were not informed/ intimated earlier about my bond status. I went to CSIR for joining with in the period but they have not accepted my joining. . I have already completed 21 months of service out of 48 months bond period. If it is required to pay back the money to government of India, is required to pay all the bond amount (Rs7,94,562/-) or proportionate amount need to be paid, by considering 21 months of already completed service,?. Any Government instructions regarding the repayment of bond amount is available. ? If required to pay, is it the amount specified in the bond or the actual amount spent for my training viz, leave salary, fees and allowances etc..? It is my dream to become a scientist and finally because of administrative issues I am unable to achieve it. I want to prove myself as scientist. Please help me by suggesting in this regarding. Your valuable suggestion will helpful for my whole life. Really frustrated sir. Please help me.