L&L and eviction

My parents senior citizens with intentions of staying with dignity and self sufficient invested in flats. It. Was given on L& L through agent for 11months. As per agents advise only motorizations of agreement done. The cheque issued for security deposit bounced. So also the rent for first two months. Only after verbal confrontation did the licensee pay in cash in installments. Last six months no rent paid. Rent adjusted from deposit. Due to breech in payment my parents asked and served written notice for vacating the flat, but was not accepted. At the end of license the licensee refused to move out. Approached local police only to be informed that it is a civil matter. The licensee threatened parents hence FIR at local police station. At the end my parents have no house, no rent and insecurity from the licensee. Utter disappointment was the opinion of local police advising to settle out of court by paying the license the deposit amount and requesting friendly eviction.why should my parents pay for their know house with their hard earned money at this age? Is their any hope from legal side for senior citizens in India?