My own bought house registered on my name, occupied by brother

I own my house and the deed is registered on my name. My house is duplex and my deceased father gave my younger brother and his wife and 2 kids upper storey room to live till his financial condition improves in year 2004.Now I am living in the same house with my wife and 4 years old daughter and my mother.My brother and his wife are fighting with us now and they and are not leaving my property.In fact, I was abroad at the time when my deceased father allowed him to live in my property. They have even registered a false complaint against me in local police station that I am beating them and threatening them.Even I had lodged a complaint about 3 months ago against them in same PS that they threaten me to kill me or will commit suicide if I throw them out. But still, Pol ice has taken no action further on their on mine complaint. I even got sent a legal notice asking them mesne profit of Rs 5000/-pm till the time they have lived on my property and evacuate it.which he received but didn't take any action. Pls advise the Legal remedy to solve this asap. Some lawyers say that I shud have made him tenant and shudnt have asked for mesne profit in legal notice so now only evacuation suit can be filed against him in lower court. Some say that they can still make him as tenant and ask him rent for last 3 years max. and then fight case for eviction, while there are others who are saying that I shud file a case of criminal trespassing and eviction which I dont know can be filed in same civil suit or 1 criminal suit and the other civil suit. I am big time confused and stressed and looking upto your learned counsel for enlightenment. Will be highly grateful to you all for clearing my mind.Thanks