Landlord vs Tenant for eviction

Suit to evict Tenant? Well, I am from Mumbai, Maharashtra. We are the landlords of a property and have filed for eviction of tenants on the bases of bonafide requirement and arrears in rents since 1975. The tenants claim that the land came under the Slum Clearance Act 1971, and they have been issued a photo pass since 1977. The original tenants was the mother-in-law of the photo -pass owner who currently has expired and his heirs are continuing the suit. The suit is in process. Can someone please suggest in which direction is the order is headed and the rules of a photo pass. We are over 20 members staying the adjacent room and have prove bonafide requirement. Pleading are on the ground of bonafide requirement and permanent addition and alteration to the suit premises. We have the following documents. SANAD Property Card City survey plan, both old and new Sanction plan from BMC Assessment Bills from BMC Ground Rent Receipts of Tehsildar City Survey report of Tehsildar Rent receipts prior to 1977 I hope this information is of enough help. Thank You