Property purchased is encroached by the seller brother

HI in 1956 one thippia had purchased a agricultural land of 4 acers and 28 guntas. after the death of Thippia, his son Hobppa had transferred (RR and IL) the documents in his name and formed a residential layout in 1994. layout plan was not approved. he started selling the property via GPA's and registered deeds stating that he was only the legal heir for his father. my friend had purchased one revenue property in Bangalore North via registered Sale Deed Dated [deleted] later in 2002 he paid Betterment charges for City corporation to regularize and obtained "A" Katha further to this he pledged the document in Co-operative Bank and got mortgage loan. He was suffering Financial Problem so we helped him in clearing loan and purchased the property on [deleted] thinking that all the documents were proper as it was under the bank custody and got khatha transferred in our name and paying taxes up to date. suddenly in September 2007 one property developer came and put the board stating that they are putting up residential apartment in that property including our property. we were shocked and when checked we came to know the flowing issues. Thippia had 8 children and Hobppa was the 5th Son. On [deleted] the other family members of Hobappa had approached the Hon’ble City Civil Court for partition and separate Possession but the court ordered partially in the favor of the other family members in the year 2002 Family members were not satisfied with the Court orders approached Hon’ble High court and files RFA in 2002, on [deleted], RFA was accepted and Hon’ble High court of Karnataka ordered to give equal share to all the sibilings (ie 1/8th share to each). Hobappa was not pleased so he files SLP (civil) in Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in 2004. In the mean process all the family members collided in the year 2006 and filed affidavit as they have settled the matter outside the Court. Following this Supreme Court was pleased to pass the following Order “The parties have settled the matter outside the court. Affidavit is taken on record. As prayed, the SLP is dismissed as withdrawn in the view of settlement”. Following the family members preferred FDP before the Hon’ble City Civil Court on [deleted], during the pendency of proceedings Hobppa and other family members decided to settle the matters by way of comprise and there by proceeding entered in to a deed of partition in the office of Sub register Bangalore North Taluk. In view of said settlement memo was filed to withdraw the FDP as settled outside the court. In the view of Memo the Hon’ble Court dismissed the FDP as settled outside the court on [deleted]. Further to this one of the family members had joined his hands for Joint venture for developing a residential apartment in the property share he had obtained. Unluckly our above said property was within his limits. Immediately we approached the Hon’ble City Civil court and filed a suit against the Property Developer and Hobappa in September 2007 and Hon’ble Court was pleased to grant Status Que of the Suit property. All the developers activities were stopped later the Joint venture was dropped. In October 2010 the Hon’ble City Civil Court was pleased to pass the degree in favor on us. Based on the decree we planned to construct house in March 2011, and learned that the above said family member had obtained DC conversion for his portion and formed a new layout plan by re assigning the new nos and had sold our property in 3 different parts to 3 different influential. Realizing this we again filed a new Suit in Front of Hon’ble City Civil court on March 2011 against the 3 new persons who have purchased the parts of our property and the family member along with Hobappa. The Hon’ble court was please to grant us with Temporary Injunction. In regards to the above please help me out with your valuable suggestions as day to day I am getting tensed with the proceedings as a innocent spectator.