harassment by in laws

Hello sir/ mam I have been married since 2 april2013 I was working at lic jamshedpur and after marriage my mother in law ask me to stay with my husband as he n his brother in law lived alone and I did so.when I got dpregnant I was unable to stay there as I was working and couldn't handle it during pregnancy.my health was not supprting me.and I was not getting meal at proper time.si I decided to live with my mom.my husband was also agree.bt my.mother in law forced me live either with them in village or.with their son in laws place.i denied because I was not feeling comfort.in village there is toilet or bathroom so I dont want to stay there.my mom in laws said to me that if I have problem than my mom will build bathroom for me.she always ignored me.n always commented on my comfort she told me to live in village anyhow.she didn't came to see her grand daughter when I was been ceasered.she came to hospital after three days n instead of asking about my health she started blaming that cause me I hqve operated and insulted me in front of my hubby and all other people in hospital.she never talked to my mom in right way.and till now she didn't made any contact.during pregnancy there was not a single month when I could be happy my husband qlwqys used to angry on me just because I was unable to go with him.they made my pregnancy full of stress.even now my husband is not talking to me.but I always supported my husband economically as well as socially.i did everything when they needed.but they are avoiding us when we need them.my daughter is only of six months.and my husband don't want to earn eagerly.i am alone to take care of my baby.they also