Security cheque bounce

Dear Sir, I'm Jay from Bangalore. I took a loan of 198000 from Kotak bank. I am working for a company where we were using kotak as salary account hence i got the loan. After a year our company decided to switch over the salary account to HDFC. Till that time I was paying my EMI as per the ECS date. After the kotak account got closed it become a problem for me to pay the EMI's on time basis but the bank had some agency through them I use to pay the EMI. Till date I was suppose to pay 18 EMI's among those I have cleared 14 EMI's, still 4 EMI's are pending. Over these period I use to get a notice from the bank's agency and lawyer a notice which says I am not paying the EMI on regular basis etc etc. But I never ever responded those. Yesterday I got a message on mobile that "your security cheque been produce to bank and it rejected". Now I want to know the Bank may file a case on me? If so I will receive a summon from bank and then what should I do? Is there anything a chance of getting arrest? Dear sir, any suggestion and advice would be highly appreciable and helpful.