workplace harrasment

Respected Members, Greetings, I am pursuing a complaint following an approach from a group of women (Selp-Help Group) engaged in cooking of mid-day meal in a govt. high school in West Bengal. Synopsis:- The Headmaster alongwith the asst.HM & a teacher has been misusing their power & position to harras the said women workers mentally & intimidated them several times. The reluctance of the group to sign the inflated bills in the procurement of groceries & excess no. of students shown as beneficiaries has attracted such behaviour. Since January 2014 the women are subjugated to mistreatment. The matter was formally complained to the DM, the matter was passed on to the District Inspector of Schools. The DI paid a visit & was all ears to the accused teachers/HM, the Asst.HM has the audacity to use profanity before the DI & yhe said official was mute spectstor. He turned a blind eye to all our allegation as frivolous and out of their purview. I am sure that the DI will forward an adverse report against our complaint and try to close the case. I will be pbliged if you could suggest in the matter accoringly. Regards, Rozi Khan