Threat of kidnapping and getting killed for occupying the

Sir, i am a senior citizen aged 66 years. I have a shop in central market. We hired an employee named many years back. 3 years back my son became incapable of handling business and even other work. Due to his incapability we asked that employee to handle the dealings and as usual we bought him stock for sale and later employee asked me to fix an amount which he will give every month instead of uneven profit which may arise. He later stopped giving the fixed amount on time and was giving it in installments. We had no problem for a while but he later delayed a months amount to the next month and a time came when he didnt gave the amount of last 6 months. I used to send my daughter in law for collecting the amount but he used to behave inappropriate. He used to drink and talk to me and had a bad eye on my grand daughter too. Now my grandson is grown up and is 21 years old and want to sit in his shop for business. I asked employee now to vacate the shop to which he replied that he will vacate it in a 10-15 days. After 10-15 days i again went to him and asked to vacate the shop but this very time he threated me by saying if i will tell him to vacate it he will kidnap/kill my grandchildren or may harm in any other way. He had snatched shop keys from me and now he is opening shop and not giving any money. Later i stopped him from opening the shop by sitting in front of the shop and not letting him open shutter but one day he broke the locks and changed it. Next day when i got to know about this before i call police he had already called them. The police threated me that i am going against the law and i cant stop him from doing any activity in the shop otherwise police has to imprison me. I am not getting that why cant i stop him operating in my own shop and every bit of stock is from my money. I had good faith on him due to which i also never asked for any billing and whenever i asked he shown me bill made on a rough paper. For proving his occupancy he had got a mtnl phone installed, insurance done by providing false.documentations and we got information from neighbours that he has been doing this so as to occupy my shop. We have no ther means to earn for livelihood and havent received any money since 6 months now. My grandson is waiting for his graduation results and my grand daughter has just entered graduation and is in first year. My grandson wants to sit at shop for his own business. I am an illiterate widow senior women. I have a doubt that many police officials of lower ranks incl. Constables and sub inspectors are involved and helping him. On that day when my locks were broken a sub inspector also took copy of property papers from me and told that we will get a call from police station but its been 12 days now i havent got any call. I dont know what have they done with my papers. I have already filed a complaint(in hindi) in police station addressing SHO lajpat nagar to which no action has been taken. i need protection from him and also his eviction so that my grandson be able to start his business. Please help me find a way. PLEASE NOTE: This situation is being faced by my grandmother. She is illiterate and i am just 21 and dont know what all should be done. please help me out. Thank you