frame charges and argue

1. Mr.Arjun singh & sowmya singh are married to each other since 6 years and have one 4 year old daughter. He is a businessman running small scale industry and his wife is a journalism graduate working as a freelance writer to a monthly magazine. 2. Everything seemed allright till they celebrated their 7th year wedding anniversary on 15th may 2013.Arjun’s close friend who were invited to the celebration informed him that they have seen his wife moving around with a stranger many times & advice him to spend quality time with his family. 3. Arjun defended his wife stating that as she is a journalist she needs to meet many people to get information. 4. But Arjun’s well wishers continued to warn him about his wife’s increasing proximity with the stranger. Even whenever Arjun tired to contact his wife over phone it was always engaged.Disturbed by these developments he hired the services of a detective agency to spy on his wife sowmya. 5. After one month the agency reported him that sowmya is having extramarital affair with her collegemate sudeep Rao.Arjun wanted the dective agency to tap all her phone calls to give him recorded conversations & call details lists. 6. Meanwhile Arjun on his way to work meets with a serious road accident on 10th july 2014.A heavy truck collides with his car. He survives but suffers grievous injuries. The truck driver manages to escape. 7. Sowmya admits him in one of the prestigious hospitals and throughout his treatment she takes proper care of him. 8. After recovery he contacted the detective agency to get the call details. He was in a state of shock to find almost every day the call lasted for hours between his wife and sudeep. 9. Interestingly more calls were exchanged during the week (2nd to 9th july) when he met with the accident. When Arjun heard the recorded telephonic conversation of the respective week he was devastated to find that it was not an accident but a conspiracy between his wife & her paramour to kill him. 10. In the recorded conversation before the accident sudeep was explaining to sowmya that he had given supari to kill Arjun as per their plan. 11. In a later conversation after the accident sowmya expressing her disappointement that their plan went in vain and scolding sudeep for hiring an inefficient supari killer and to be more careful in the next attempt. 12. Arjun lodges complaint against his wife and her paramour with the police. Both sowmya and sudeep get arrested.frame charges and argue