How probable is that the FIR will be quashed by the High Court?

Respected Sir(s), In July last year, I had gone home at about 3:00am taking a route which leads to my house - my house is around 100 metres from the place (during the month of Ramadan with my Muslim friend - he went in his house on the same road after a chat - and I proceeded towards mine). After a week, cops came to my house and took me to the police station saying a robbery had taken place in a building there at the time I was going to my house. Me taking that route and chatting with friend before he entered his bldg. is captured on a CCTV. They asked me if I have any knowledge about it, which I was clueless about. I then called family and friends who demanded that they should not detain me for something I hadn't done and without proof. They then arrested me officially on grounds of suspicion (The FIR had been lodged at the time of crime, it seems with sections 465, 467, 380) and the magistrate court sent me to 2 days' police custody. I wasn't beaten or tortured in the police custody (but was told to name someone in the building which I think could be a ploy to evict him after framing him and pressurising him since the complainant is also the landlord of the bldg. where crime occurred). After being produced again before the magistrate after 2 days, I was released on bail (on surety, but cash provision for 15 days - I later submitted a surety) on the grounds that there was no recovery, and the route I had taken leads to my house, and was not unusual and that I am a permanent resident of Bombay. It's been 7 months now and no charge sheet has been filed, neither against me or anyone else. My question is if I move the HC for quashing of the FIR, how successful will I be? Also, please help me with precedents if any. Also, if I am not successful, what other legal remedy do I have? Please help. Thanking You!