Need advise

Hi, We are a Mumbai based company working on a web based platform which allows people to raise alerts for cases like cheating while dealing with untrustworthy associates [people/business]. The objective is to create a credible platform wherein people can warn others to avoid associating with untrustworthy people/businesses. It will be a highly controlled system wherein only people who are verifiable, will be allowed to post their alerts . The posted alerts will be scrutinized and verified by our back end team to check for any supporting proofs for the same. The alert will be hosted online on behalf of the person, only if our team finds that the alert is genuine with proofs to support the same. The person posting the same will also be notified saying that he is liable/responsible for actions from the aggrieved party. Any irresponsible alerts without proofs will not be published. As an Intermediary [company providing the website] will section 79 of the IT act 2000 safeguard us from any legal litigations arising out of it. We are trying to find out legal issues that may arise. We would like to know what kind of legal issues will hold us liable , as per Indian law. Thanks