Can I sue a state government in another state?

I live in Bangalore. After I faced with a lot of criminal type problems especially from the landlords, neighbors, I filed a complaint with police. I had to try for three months before an FIR was registered against my landlord. Police here are not willing to help non-locals. After some time they closed the case without even informing me or calling me. I came to know about that from a different source. When I approached the government they again sent me to the police and asked them to reopen the case and follow proper procedure. But the police didn't do it. I again faced some criminal problem with one of my neighbor. From my experience with the Bangalore police I am sure they won't do anything about it. Since the Karnataka government and police don't take any action against their own people how much ever criminal they may be, the local people continue various criminal activities against those who are not locals. My question is that if I want to sue the Karnataka government, can I do that? Can I do that in another state?