Implications of rcr

Hello. My sister got married in 2005. She has two children. One 3 years old and other is just 7 months. She had been tortured by her husband over the years, but she had been bearing it. As we don't have proofs and even we had we are not going to file any case, we never wanted to as we want to save the marriage. Her husband doesn't have a stable job. He is still living on his parents earning and so my sister was. He has not given a single penny over these many years to my sister. what she used to get is just food and shelter and that to after making food for family of 10 and working in farm. She decided to speak against the matter. we pleaded in village panchayat but they didn't support us. Now she has been at my house since 7-8 months. the husband is staying at his parental home at Kolhapur. and she demanded from husband that you should take responsibility of her and children on his own and not to depend on his father. also she asked him to quit drinking.( there is lot more which I have not shared.) He had even attacked my parents after getting drunk. He had promised to do so but did not keep his promise. Now husband and his parents are threatening of filing case against her and also on us. taking into consideration that she is with 8 months child, is there any way out if the case is filled. also as there is no mistake of her (according to me) can we trust the court system to be just towards the truth. also is there any way we could ask them (without filing any case) legally to stop this mental torture. I want to emphasis we dont want to use/misuse any law in her favor to punish the husband, we are still looking for restoration.