Fabricated will

I am a singapore citizen,My father and mother were born in India,later on they took up singapore citizenship.I have four sibilings.One of my sibling's spouse is an Indian national.When,my father was alive,his estate was managed by my sibling and his spouse.They were not given any power of attorney.As,what we know,the estates was under my father's name. I reside in singapore and communicate with them via phone or email.I just recently visited my father's estate's,I was shocked to find the entire estates had been sold to someone. It seems that will, which was under my father's name,had been transfered to my sibiling's name,without our prior knowledge. I cannot afford to travel constantly to india, due to my business operation's in singapore. I would very much want to send a legal notice,my sibiling.If he had acknowledge his mistake and publicly apologise to the family,we will not pursue this case,If not we have to seek legal recourse. What I want to know is,Can the case proceed without me or my siblings coming to india,especially when making FIR report and etc?