No compensation on delayed possession but 18 % interest charged

My apartments possession is delayed by a reputed builder by 3 years. A delayed compensation is mentioned in agreement subject to the timely payment. I just got a possession request letter where builder has charged Rs 1 Lac as delayed interest at the rate of 18%. Further no compensation is offered mentioning the agreement clause of timely payment. Delay of my payment was primarily due to builder & bankers since agreement was not issued on time builder which was required by the banks to disburse allotment amount. Now I am feeling cheated, I will have to pay heavy interest on delayed payments and also not getting any compensation. Apartment will take another 6 to 9 months to get ready, so overall time in which I will get apartment is more than 5 years from date of booking. I have already paid 95% amount 3 years back. I believe builders agreement is one sided in their favor. Can I go to consumer court for my compensation? I am worried for possession, that will lead to further delay in possession. appreciate your expert opinion and guidance