Section 406/420/467/468/471/34

I am a branch manager with a reputed bank, my two employees opened one savings bank account of a customer and that customer cheated someone in the name of arranging job in foreign for his son. Two of my employees sourced the savings account of a customer and gave the declaration in account opening form that they have visited the customer address and found it to be correct and they have met the customer in Branch also. The customer at the time of account opening gave his PAN card and voter ID card as ID & address proof,since the age in voter ID card was wrong and there was a difference of more than 5 years between the age of PAN card & voter ID card so my employee removed the voter card and requested me to introduce the account as they have visited the customer address and they know the customer, i some how believed the words of my employee and introduced the account. The person who has been cheated has paid the money to the agent ( account holder of bank) through bank account-Rs.245000/- and Rs.143000/- in cash for a job of his son. Later the account holder took the money and did not arrange any job for his son. The person who has been cheated , filed a FIR through CJM court. Then the bank appointed a lawyer who applied for anticipatory bail in district court which got rejected , then the petetion was put before the high court and there two of my employees got bail and my bail was rejected on the ground that i have introduced the account and i know the person for more than 6 month. The account holder is absconding, Pls advice me what should i do to get relief as i just believed my employees word and introduced the account opening .Presently since last 2 months 14 days i am under suspension since my bail got rejected from high court. Can this case be settled through compromise. How will this case get closed.