What might happen next

Hi, My wife put a 498A, 406, 34, 313 case on me. Actually my wife & me mediated & were united again. There were some terms & conditions of agreement. In the agreement it was written that both parties will cooperate with each other & get the FIR quashed withing one month of happily living together in a rented accommodation which was close to her home & there was a day to day interference from her parents, they visited her on daily basis & she also went to her home almost on daily basis. Then over a period of time her behavior changed & she was secretly going to some place without informing me with her family members. I tried to discuss this with her, then she told me that she is pregnant. Actually 1 day i told her to show me her reports & medical bills such that i can get a reimbursement from my office, however she refused. This was a suspicious & she argued with me. The same day i asked her to provide me her photo id, residence proof which my lawyer asked me for quashing of FIR in HC as we lived happily for 4 months now. She told me that we will get the FIR quashed after delivery of baby. I told her that she was breaching the contract & how can we stay happily with each other when she is hanging a sword on my head. She immediately went downstairs & made a phone call to her father & brother. I went downstairs for searching her, however she was not there. I knew she went to her home. Next day she threatened me that she has some kind of recordings alleging me that i was asking for the DNA test of baby. Then i waited there for her for about couple of hours however she never came back. Accessing the situation i went back to my rented accommodation in which the court had given us the order to stay. We both were staying at her rented accommodation, as per her convenience as this accommodation was close to her parents house. The next day i got a threat from her that " we will see all of you in court now & your bail will be cancelled". Then 10-15 days after i came to know that IO has filed the CS against three of us Me, My younger brother, My mother U/S 498A, 406, 34. Police had dropped section 313 & doctors/police have given statements that this is a false allegation by her. I got a regular bail on the specified date however my inlaws never came in the bail process. I suspect that can she again allege me U/S 313 once again?. Can she get my bail cancelled?. Regards, Victor