DVC Case Order Passed without filing counter

Hi, I have very lame knowledge about law though I am running to courts from last 6 years. 2009- Case 1. 488a case-- Status Still going on. Case 2. DVC act 2005 maintenance filed on 2012 my lawyer didn't filed counter on the case it became Exparty & Judge blessed me 40K maintenance. It is 808 days over, as order has passed now I am in process for reopening the case to fight but I have learnt that they are very bleak chances for reopening the case. My wife is very fond to collect 16 lakhs from anytime. I don't have money to pay for this one side judgement. All this happened bcoz of my lawyer negligence and my lame law knowledge. I know only judge can save me if he feels the case can be reopened which we have presented in district court as sessions court rejected this reopening of the DVC case. My query is can I file a petition for RCR?? Honestly I am not interested to get her back but I don't have any ways to come out from this. What are all the possibilities w r t maintenance payment??