How much legal expenses comes to handle a false DV & 498A case

Dear Lawers , It's a complete false 498A then after few months DV case against me & my parents, have contacted an advocate each time he asks fees so far around 2 lakhs i've spend from my hard earning money. #1> How much cost comes roughly & how long it runs , ( Parents, sisters never stayed even for a single day, they are far from my work place , ) she is also working & earning a good salary #2> wooden chairs, bed were not there in my parents place they provided , will this be calculated with dowry ? even i didn't ask . I'd to accept that time When police came after 498A case we fully told the facts & they ceased these for chargesheet. I know these can be considered as dowry What kind of impact it can have if any prevention. #3> If husband is jobless and wife earning a good amount does court take into consideration #4> is there any protection available to parents senior citizens from court, for threats #5> Is there any advocate who can help without fees as I'm almost run out of cash it will take much time as other EMI etc were piled up.