rights in property

Sir I am a resident in a cooperative society for more than 60 years .we have a small cottage and there are building around and other cottages too .earlier the land owner used to accept rent but later land owner sold the land to one makwana and rathod.they continued for few years and also accepted rent later again he gave the land for building a society.but there were problem between the builder of the society and the owner of land.but the society was constructed and there was lot of fraud made by the builder due to which the society was dissolved and a cooperative registrar was appointedappointed to take care of administration of society.this went on for nearly 20 years but nothing could be fixed.now a person who is a flat owner terms himself to be chairman of the society launched a complaint with the muninicipal corporation and we also went to court but there was no outcome.now recently took a deemed conveyance for the society.now the society name has come on the property card as owner so now he says to vacate our house. But originally there were no sale deed between the land owner and the builder and our rights were also not given to us.we don't have any other option but this house me and my family will come on road as this chairman has pilitical connection.how can I protect my rights and how can I challenge the deemed conveyance.please somebody help me and give me advise