respected sirs, it is seen in my organizations that few corrupt officers openly grant undue benefits to the employees. the reason behind is neither the officer nor the beneficiary will confirm that, there was any corruption. eg. the officers promotes an employe without having any pre-requisite eligibility conditions to the employee which deprives the actual eligible employee. there wil a clear cut of violation against there own issued notification for such promotion. in normal course the person approach the Tribunal and wins the case. the officer also also knows that he is doing the wrong thing. the officer is confidant that, he has nothing to lose in the case. few officers threatens the employees who move to Tribunals. Sir, my question is that, which will be the proper forum to file such complaints other than CVC. bcoz the CVC is so busy. i talk to an SP/CBI in this matter but, he says until and unless there is any illegal transaction he cannot file the case. i cannot acquire the proofs for the transactions. but, the officer violates the rule so blindly and he wont even give any reply against the representations. Kindly advice how can i initiate a criminal action against such officers